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Education and training

Developers can efficiently and confidently start working with Magnolia, thanks to Magnolia's education and training program.



At the end of the training, attendees will have fully working light modules, a real-life website with standard templates, navigation and inheritance, a Content App as well as a custom Vaadin App.


Knowledge and skills essential for this training:

Basic Java or any Object-oriented programming experience

Who is eligible to join the training:

Back-end developers who are new to Magnolia


4 days

  • Day 1: Base Concepts, Architecture
  • Day 2: Basic Templating, Website Templating
  • Day 3: Content Apps, Admin Central Development
  • Day 4: App and Vaadin Development, Advanced Topics (e.g. Cache)

This course covers the basics and fundamentals about Magnolia that are essential to being able to start a project. It does not require any prior Magnolia knowledge, so absolute beginners are welcome to attend the training.


Prerequisite: Basic Java or any Object-oriented programming experience

Topics: Base Concepts and Architecture, Basic and Website Templating, Content Apps, AdminCentral Development, App and Vaadin Development, Advanced Topics (e.g. Cache)

Fee: 4 days, CHF 2800- (incl. VAT)

Inclusive: Associate Developer Certification Exam


Trainer Rich Gange - Senior Developer Trainer:

Richard Gange is a Senior Developer Trainer with Magnolia International Ltd. Rich has been with the company for 5 years and previously worked as a full-stack developer on the Magnolia platform for Manatee County. He began developing on Magnolia at version 4.3.
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