How VHV Versicherungen reinvents the
digital insurance ecosystem with Magnolia

Founded in 1919 and with headquarters in Hanover, VHV Versicherungen is one of Germany’s leading insurance brokers. In order to address the new digital requirements of customer behavior, a division for online sales and distribution was created in 2014.

VHV Versicherungen decided to review its digital strategy, including an optimized online lead insurance portal for the German market. The portal was relaunched in 2015 and, thanks to its high usability and strong visual design, it represents a real breakthrough within the insurance industry. The conversion rate on mobile devices as well as the number of sessions has increased significantly.

Industry: Insurance
Country: Germany
Implemented by: Neoskop GmbH

Why VHV Versicherungen chose Magnolia


Editor friendly

The editors can easily create new content pages and can use templates that enable a quicker content integration.



The modular approach of Magnolia offers custom­ tailored solutions to business challenges.



The enterprise module enabled VHV Versicherungen to combine multiple sites in a single unit minimizing deployment and maintenance efforts.


Enterprise toolchain

Java and Spring (Magnolia Blossom) at the core ensure maintainability, developer­ friendliness and future­ proofness.



The new infrastructure enables the creation of a scalable platform for reliable and high­ performance operations.



With Magnolia, it's easy to change and integrate tools, including important internal IA.


With the relaunch of, we have created a completely new platform that will help us to improve our digital ambitions consistently.

The challenge: building a successful digital platform

Insurance products provide a tight margin for differentiation between competitors and are subject to regulatory requirements. Typically it's difficult to engage customers and success is mainly driven by price. The challenge was to create a strategy that would enable VHV to strengthen its ability to compete in such a highly competitive sector as well as set a new benchmark within the industry.

The relaunch was clearly defined by the creation of an entirely new platform within less than nine months. The most important requirement for the website was its support capacity for the company’s brokers. 



The new design enables VHV to create a strong brand image

The solution

User experience – a new interface

In an environment where there is low market potential and product differentiation is difficult, UX and corporate identity are important factors. Therefore, the focus of the relaunch was on the development of a new, fully responsive interface that is simple, clear and easy to operate but at the same time playful, animated and with high brand recognition value.

Profiling and personalization is able to tailor its content presentation according to specific target groups. Thanks to Magnolia, a profiling and customization engine could be developed within the CMS. For example, the engine attributes behaviour patterns and interests to each user.

Easily scalable: the new architecture

The new infrastructure enables the creation of a scalable platform for reliable and high­performance operations. is divided up into several instances to share the workload and to create zero downtime deployment. From a user’s perspective the platform functions as a single virtual instance.


The Magnolia Enterprise Edition enables a highly modular architecture that can be amplified at any time. External applications within the infrastructure, like insurance calculators or evaluation tools, were easily integrated without custom development.


With Magnolia we have found the perfect basis for the new ecosystem of the VHV. The combination of the highly flexible architecture, the ease of use and the ability to integrate a large variety of business applications has been proven with the project.

The result: a platform that exceeds expectations

The project was launched achieving its full desired scope, in time and, most importantly, within budget – which was extraordinary for a project of this size.

By overcoming all conversion obstacles, the new is clearly setting new benchmarks. The new platform is state of the art, and according to Google Page Speed the website’s UX is about 99%.

The new platform enables a high potential for conversion, especially on mobile devices

Magnolia enters the Forrester Wave™

The Forrester Wave™
Web Content Management Systems, Q1 2017

Magnolia’s component design leverages content pools to drive dynamic content, while back-end extensibility builds on open source and offers flexible integration.

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