How Magnolia helped Simply Business
increase sales leads by 135%

Simply Business provides insurance to over 300,000 UK SMEs and covers over 1,000 trade types. It has been a Sunday Times Tech Track 100 company for the past three years and was recently named in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA.

As the UK’s leading insurance broker for small businesses, Simply Business relies heavily on its website for sales. Having accurate customer data is key to intelligent targeting and communication. At the same time, the company also uses a lot of inbound marketing. Magnolia allowed Simply Business to create new content quickly and easily, and to build a reputation for content marketing that engages and interacts with its customers.

Industry: Insurance
Country: United Kingdom

Why Simply Business chose Magnolia


Improved customer interaction

Interaction with customers and website visitors allows for better data collection and sales generation.


Content management

Marketing teams can work efficiently and effectively to develop creative content.


Time saving

Magnolia allows marketing teams to create and modify content quickly to adapt to the market.


Reduced TCO

Magnolia proved the ability to save significant costs thanks to reduced time to produce content and lower support costs.


Search engine optimization

Attracting new visitors to the home page by making better use of existing content and company resources



Great technical support

Magnolia’s technical team is always ready to solve issues, fix bugs and provide great 24/7 resources.


What's really great about Magnolia is the ease of use. Whenever anyone starts, it takes about ten seconds to explain how to create content. And now that it takes much less time, we’ve started generating a lot more content.

The challenge

More agility needed

Launched in 2005, Simply Business developed an innovative online insurance brokerage service for small businesses. The company soon realized that it needed a more agile way to manage content. Before using Magnolia, Simply Business had to involve IT in content changes. Front-end programmers had to modify or create the HTML, then ‘check it in’ for publishing. Basic spelling mistakes could be missed and then even more changes would need to be rescheduled, meaning an extremely long time to deliver final content. This was hindering Simply Business's goal of developing great content to draw in and engage its community.

Simply Business knew that it needed a system that would allow IT and marketing to work more efficiently together. The main aim was to develop the website as the primary sales channel and ensure effective customer interaction and data collection. For this to happen, there would need to be better integration between the back end business logic and the front end website.

If there is any information missing on a page, the user is prompted by the CMS to update it, meaning the complete elimination of human error


Simply Business' homepage

Content plays an important role in generating leads and increasing customer engagement for Simply Business

The solution

It became clear that Simply Business needed a CMS that integrated well and was easy to use. Although the company had a limited budget, it decided not to go for a free CMS because it was so important to have a successful website that delivered all its objectives.

Simplicity and ease of use

Magnolia was chosen for the job because it gave the company the flexibility to create great design and content. The simplicity of the user interface made it easy to create and modify content, even with little or no training. The Magnolia Standard Templating Kit allows the marketing team to work on the content while the development team is updating the backend at the same time.

The templating kit provides templating best practice and an extensive set of ready-made functionality that can easily be extended for custom designs and content output. Previously, this would have taken weeks due to the non-separation of tasks. The marketing team is now also able to create many more pages based on existing templates, instead of requiring technical resources to set this up each time.

Flexibility to create great content

The marketing team can now save time by publishing content immediately, without having to involve IT resources. This flexibility also allows marketing to test content on the fly and develop new and original content much quicker - again, saving valuable resources. They can also quickly fix errors, which reduces the pressure to only push content live once it has been through the long process of creation and publishing.

This new-found bravery and level of experimentation enabled Simply Business to create a live webcast online to help customers complete their tax returns. In the past this would not have been done, as the amount of manual work required would have been too great to justify experimenting with a new idea that had no guarantees as to results.


We wanted people to be able to try things out on the site, but with reasonable restriction through the use of templates. It’s the perfect combination of simplicity and control.

The result

Significant increases in traffic and leads

Magnolia has played a key role in allowing Simply Business to launch content campaigns that significantly improved its conversion and retention rates. The campaign successfully delivered alternative strategies for attracting new visitors to the home page by making better use of existing content and company resources. The new content delivered significant increases in search-engine-generated traffic, including a 185% increase in results from long tail search terms and a 135% increase in online ‘Request for Quotes’ (RFQs).

Simply Business has even more plans to develop its flagship site and is confident in working and expanding with the help of Magnolia.

Simply Business' quote request form

Independent analyst review of Magnolia

Magnolia has earned deservedly high marks for extensibility and integration potential. Few systems can claim to be as open or as amenable to custom app development.

Kas ThomasJ. Boye

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