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Grupo Meio & Mensagem is the leading publisher of media and marketing news in Brazil, providing strategic analysis and information for the marketing and advertising communities. Its digital publication reaches over 500,000 viewers per month, with up to 40,000 concurrent visitors. The company also publishes more than 3,000 market reports per year, produces key industry rankings and holds renowned conferences such as MaxiMedia and Proxxima.

The digital publication website was growing at a fast pace, but it needed a “makeover” and a new content management system that would enable journalists to collaborate and become more efficient. Magnolia has helped it increase newsroom productivity and create a new multi-channel and social digital design. As a result, it has become more agile and connected with its audiences. 

Industry: Media
Country: Brazil

Why Meio & Mensagem chose Magnolia


Editor independence

The editorial team can quickly and flexibly change and publish content, as well as create new content by reusing templates.


Ease of use

The instant in-line editing and preview functionalities make editing easy. Work is made simpler by scheduled publishing, a single repository and approval workflow features. 



Multichannel publishing

It was important that the new site have responsive site design and work well across channels.


Integration capabilities

Magnolia made it easy to integrate with applications like Google Analytics, Google Double Click, Outbrain, Navegg and 


Search Engine Optimization

Magnolia comes with a full-featured SEO implementation that automatically optimizes URLs for search engine indexing.


Social media integration

The new website needed to be ready for the social age and Magnolia made it easy to create social media integrations.


Magnolia first impressed us with its publishing features and user experience. It was easy to create templates, edit content and preview the articles before publishing. We could also tell that Magnolia’s collaboration features would help us improve our newsroom communication flow.

The challenge

Improve publishing velocity, increase newsroom productivity and create a new social digital design

Grupo Meio & Mensagem’s digital publication was growing at a fast pace, but the website needed a “makeover” and its internally-developed content management system was compromising business performance. To celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, the group decided to create a new site design and user experience, coupled with implementing a CMS that guaranteed publishing velocity - both strategic decisions to maintain the group’s leading position in the Brazilian market.

Grupo Meio & Mensagem’s leadership team also set other strategic goals for the project. They wanted the new CMS implementation to improve newsroom management efficiency through the use of collaborative solutions.

The new system needed to provide responsive design and a fabulous multi-channel experience for visitors


The solution

An easy to administer, easy to use and feature rich CMS

It was clear to Grupo Meio & Mensagem that it needed to adopt a new CMS. The company’s leadership wanted to make the right choice for the short and long term, so they decided to hire a third party expert to support the CMS selection process. The analysis included three different vendors and each solution was evaluated considering Grupo Meio & Mensagem’s requirements.

Magnolia’s CMS design and content creation features were among the first functionalities that impressed the company’s team. Grupo Meio & Mensagem also found that Magnolia’s approval workflows and scheduled publishing features would be very effective in improving newsroom collaboration and efficiency.

Leveraging multi-channel, user generated content and search engine optimization features were other important needs for Grupo Meio & Mensagem. The new website had to be responsive, social and interactive - Magnolia met all of these requirements.

The ease of integrating with other solutions was an important factor for selecting the platform. The company needed to integrate with other applications such as Google Analytics, Google Double Click, Outbrain, Navegg and  


Before implementing Magnolia, we were struggling with scalability and publishing speed. Our reporters were spending hours to design and edit a new story. Our technical staff was wasting more than 20 hours per month just providing support to our editorial team. Today, our journalists can independently publish their articles in less than seven minutes and we no longer need to provide technical support.

The result

A responsive and social digital presence backed by a high-speed newsroom

Adopting Magnolia had an immediate impact on Grupo Meio & Mensagem’s newsroom speed and productivity. Journalists benefited greatly from the instant in-line editing and preview functionalities, while features like scheduled publishing, a single repository and approval workflow improved collaboration and efficiency.

Grupo Meio & Mensagem's new website allowed it to engage more deeply with its audience and report quickly on breaking news and latest market trends. It represented an agile news organization, eager to be constantly connected with its users anytime through any device. The new digital platform solidified Grupo Meio & Mensagem as the leading source of news and analysis for the media and marketing industry in Brazil.


Independent analyst review of Magnolia

Magnolia has earned deservedly high marks for extensibility and integration potential. Few systems can claim to be as open or as amenable to custom app development.

Kas Thomas, J. Boye

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